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Holiday Camping and Caravan Fire Safety

Holiday camping and caravan fire safety

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The fire services recommend this simple safety checklist to assist you to have a safer holiday.
When planning to use a caravan ensure that you turn off any pilot lights before towing or when the towing vehicles engine is running.


Install a smoke alarm close to the sleeping area and consider having a fire extinguisher and fire blanket near the exit as well.

At camp sites familiarise yourself with any fire routines or equipment installed and locate a safe refuge place in case of a bushfire.

Gas cylinders on caravans should be external, secure, with valves facing away from the van.
You should regularly check gas pipes and connectors are in good working order, particularly after driving on country roads.

Keep heaters away from the internal fittings in caravans.

Have a portable radio to keep updated regarding weather conditions and fire restrictions that may be in force.

Never cook or smoke in tents and consider buying a flame retardant tent.

Locate campfires downwind and a safe distance from any tents.

Turn off any lanterns and extinguish campfires before going to bed.
Never leave cooking unattended and always secure any matches and lighters.